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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
Oyo NSCDC Commandant has pledged his continuous  supports to ensure that crime-free society.
SWIndependentnews.com.ng reports that there is no doubt that all the security agencies in Oyo State are working to ensure that peaceful atmosphere is achievable in the State, and it is very obvious that the state is currently enjoying peaceful atmosphere which is very vital in economic development.
***Commandant Micheal Adaralewa flanked by the Command Cooperative Coordinator during the commissioning of the Cooperative Kitchen located inside the Command…
Speaking on the security situation of the State, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps Commandant, CC Adaralewa Michael said the state is currently enjoying peaceful atmosphere due to periodic meetings of major stakeholders that are involved in the security of lives and properties of residents and citizens of the State.
Commandant Adaralewa briefing Journalists on Monday at the Command Headquarters Agodi Ibadan during the commissioning of the Borehole and Cooperative Kitchen projects said, “When I came on board last June as the Command Commandant we step up our intelligence gathering, we engaged the residents in community discussions, we mediate in the area of criminalities such as banditry, kidnapping among others, so we make the herdsmen and the farmers to understand that we all belong to the same family and we made them see reasons they should be living together in harmony, and this has been working with a lot of results.
He further said, ” in the area of core mandate which is the protection of the critical assets and infrastructures of government, we have be fearing well in this regard because our men have been on their toes and on the neck of those that are diverting our petroleum products because this is a national resources and we cannot afford to see our national resources to be diverted because this will bring reduction in the area of income generated revenue to the Federal Government purse, so we are doing wonderfully well In terms of securing the national assets and infrastructures, last time I checked the index, it has been different to what I met on ground, so generally Oyo State has been experiencing a relatively peace since I came on board. Commandant Adaralewa said.
While speaking on the newly commissioned projects in the Command, the NSCDC Commandant said, We just commissioned two projects this morning, one the borehole and the second one is the NSCDC Cooperative kitchen, stressed that benefits of borehole cannot be overemphasized, he said, no single human being can live without portable water.
“I believe the borehole water will go a long way to improve hygienic condition of our officers at the Command, we need water in our toilets, in our kitchen and so many other places,  without portable water in the Command there cannot be a clean environment, so this will definitely add much direct benefits to our staffs.
“The restaurant we just commissioned is a milestone achievement, because when I came on board as the new Commandant for this Command, I looked round and I discovered that there were no befitting canteen for our officers and men, our officers used to go out to buy food across the road, and this doesn’t mean well because many times I will need their attention and I will be told they have gone out to eat, meaning that the hours of the work day has been lost, so having the canteen within our domain now means that we will surely optimize the usage of our time and it will also make our people to look more healthier and an healthy body will definitely have a high productivity, so it has direct benefits to our officers and men. Adaralewa stressed
While speaking on the statistics and ratio of crime in the State, Commandant Adaralewa said, From the general public opinion and the state government as well as other security agencies opinions because we shared intelligence and hold meetings together every now and then, everybody is attesting to the fact that the crime rate has reduce in Oyo State compared to what was obtainable in the past, so by and large in a rough estimate of 100% I will say we are experiencing nothing less than 65% crime rate in the state now.

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