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*By Kazeem Awojoodu Ibadan 

Victor Olojede has given reason for creation of Governor Seyi Makinde Students Campus Ambassador.

SWIndependentnews.com.ng reports that In a bid to ensure the enthrenchment of practical and experimental leadership in the minds of teeming young students across all institutions in Oyo State, the office of the Student Affairs, led by Victor Olojede, has established ‘The Governor Seyi Makinde Campus Students Ambassador’.


Speaking with newsmen on the motive of the organisation, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Student Affairs, Victor Olojede, on Monday, stated that it will help in pulling all the students of Oyo State into understanding the workings of Governor ‘Seyi Makinde-led administration, and to also understand the general onus of governance.

His words: “This is basically to announce to the public that we are establishing the Governor Seyi Makinde Student Ambassadors in all tertiary institutions in Oyo State.

“The initiative represents an attempt at pulling all the students of Oyo State into understanding the workings of Governor ‘Seyi Makinde-led administration, and to know the onus of governance.

“We aim to make sure that it serves as a model for practical leadership and teaching of the Nigeria democracy and reviving patriotism; to see that we have young students in our tertiary institutions to understand what it is to be patriotic; to understand what government itself means and to understand the idea of what Governor Seyi Makinde is doing in delivering good governance for the good people of Oyo State.

“The operation method for this is that the organisation will help student to create internship and opportunities across all government structures and institutions across Oyo State.

“For example, students that want to learn about how activities are being run in the office of the Due Process and others can be helped to get placement. This organisation will also organise leadership development programme, which will put young students in the forefront of experimential leadership. There will also be periodic conferences, workshops, quiz, debate competitions to foster patriotic interest in the minds of the young people across the state.

“So, those are the basic idea. It is just to make sure that we have students who understand what leadership,  governance and patrotism is and to seek how Governor Makinde is handling the state. It is not a movement because of 2023 but because Governor Makinde is doing well and he is someone students should emulate.


“A lot of students, not only from Oyo State, have been yearning to meet with Governor Makinde, even if it is to have one minute talk with him and learn from him. And that is just the essence of the organisation.”

“During the course of the week, we will come out with a memo and send to all these institutions for their permission. And I am sure that we will get approval since it is not a political move.”

Speaking on the initiative, a former Students Union leader at University of Ibadan, Comrade
Ojo Aderemi lauded the efforts of Victor Olojede for coming with the noble and novel idea.

“First of all, it is a very good idea, which is welcome and I love particularly in the reference to the neutrality of the movement politically.

“I have been looking forward to a government within a country that will take the lead in mentoring the succeeding generation on the nuances of leadership, and the allowing of young people to have a practical knowledge of how political administration works, especially within the political sphere.

“Also, it is also one thing that many of the developed countries have been able to use in developing their leadership echelon over the years to find the great politicians going to the universities to mentor young people. Even in the past in Nigeria as well, different people like Awolo and the rest of them were going into the school.

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