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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
Bakers and  residents of Ibadan have lamented over the increment in prices of loafs of bread.
SWIndependentnews.com.ng in a recent survey conducted in Ibadan metropolis reveals that the current price for the smallest loaf of bread is N100, while the bread that the consumers used to buy at rate of N200 is now N250, while the one of N300 is now N350,  N400 is now N500 and the one of N500 is now N600 or N700 depending on the area and the type of bread, there is no longer bread of N120, N80, N70 as they have been replaced with either N100 or N200 loafs.
There is no doubt that this recent upsurge in price of bread has been generating reactions among Nigerians especially the lovers, SWIndependentnews.com.ng in this special reports brought to you what is likely to be responsible for the sudden change in price of bread which has now become an essential commodity for some households, many of those who spoke with our Reporter linked the recent change in price to the skyrocketed prices of commodities in the market.
In her view, Mrs. Ajoke Ganiyat a nurse said “we understand that it is not the fault of the bread bakers but at least they should have pity on us.
“We know that the prices of all the household essential commodities are high in the market but they should understand that bread is one of our major food that we eat almost on daily basis.” Mrs. Ajoke said.
Another residents Mr. Olatunji Badru, a businessman appealed to government to look at the high cost of essential commodities, stressing that high cost of commodities has lead to inflation.
He said, “things are terribly bad, there is no amount of money we give our wives that will be enough to cook, the price of vegetables, rice, beans even matches are on the increase on daily basis and this is what I think has resulted to the increase of prices of bread too.”
In his reaction Tajudeen Sikiru a bread baker at Ekundayo Super Bread, a subsidy of Ekundayo Nigeria  Enterprise situated at  Fatokun Estate, Oyo Road Moniya Ibadan linked the recent increment of loaf of bread to high cost of needed materials for bakery production.
Sikiru said, “the price of sugar that we used to buy at the range of  N18,500 to N19,000 is now N26,000, while the price of flour that we used to buy at rate of N15,00 is now N21,000 plus.
“We also used one ingredient called EDC, it is used to enhance the quality and texture of the bread, its like a softener and we used to buy it at the rate of N7,500 to N9,000 per liter but is currently selling at rate of N27,000. We also make use of Butter, and a cartoon of it now is N14,000 and we used to buy it then at the rate of between N8,500 to N9,000.”
“Government should assist us in subsidizing the prices of all the essential materials needed for  production, we also understand that bread is an household food and we didn’t just wake up and add to suffering of the masses, these people are our customers, they are our relatives too, but there is nothing we can do. We also set up the business for profit purposes and this is the job we are also doing just to take care of ourselves and our family too.”
“Before we came up with this  present prices, we embarked on warning strike, we do that to send signal to both the government and our customers to let them understand what we are passing through, and government did nothing about it, but we appreciate our customers for their understanding over the whole issue this is beyond our power, it is not our fault.”
“Government should help the local and indigenous food processing companies to thrive by providing an enabling environment for business to grow, because we also give back to the society in our own little capacities, at least a bakery will employ not less than ten people. Those are direct and indirect workers,  those people are working and earning money to take care of their families, so government should understand that we are contributing to the growth and development of the country economical wise, social wise and otherwise  through provision of jobs for unemployed people.
“Government should assist us, because the prices of things are skyrocketing in the market almost on daily basis, they should help by looking into this in orders to ameliorate the suffering of the masses. Sikiru said.
Other residents and bread bakers that spoke are very optimistic that the price of bread might still surge up due to unstable prices of commodities in the market, some also linked the high exchange rate of dollars to naira to the high cost of bakery needed materials, as they believed that most of those materials are foreign goods.

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