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*By Kazeeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
FOR ‘Nationals’ and other Christians to be relevant in the evolving world of finance, they must make wisdom a priority because it is a very vital part of life and living.
SWIndependentnews.com.ng reports that this submission was made by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of United Kingdom’s fastest growing Pentecostal ministry, SPAC Nation, which is also known as The Nxtion Family.
Pastor Tobi was speaking during the midweek service of the ministry themed ‘The Evolving World of Finance and The Stake of The Nxtion In It’ which was beamed live on YouTube and other social media outlets.
According to the minister who has been in ministry since his twenties, there is the need for Christians to be major stakeholders in whatever God is doing in the world because God has blessed them with the right tools to achieve that.
“One of these tools is wisdom. Many of our Biblical examples chose to follow after wisdom because it is one of the most important virtues one can possess.”
Quoting copiously from different scripture passages which included Ezekiel 28, 1 Kings 10:22-33, 1 Corinthians 1:28-30 and Proverbs 3:19 among many others, PT said believers have to resist from wishing for a scattering of the system so as to achieve a redistribution of wealth instead of seeking the wisdom needed to thrive in the system.
“It pains me to see Christians suffer themselves by embarking on hunger strike in the name of fasting and praying because they want wealth to come to them.  That makes a mockery of the whole thing because we are actually gods who have control over resources.
All we need is wisdom.”
Pastor Tobi said whatever is done without wisdom cannot last. He pointed out that the first spiritual gift that is written in the book of 1st Corinthians is WISDOM.
“Solomon was sought after because of the wisdom he had. God told Solomon to ask for anything, and his request was to be endowed with wisdom. It was with that wisdom that he was able to govern Israel and become very rich.”
Charging ‘Nationals’ and other believers to add knowledge to wisdom, PT said that was what differentiated between the rich and poor. He said there are the visible lines and there are thin lines between them through which money can be made.
“By applying knowledge to seek and know the many hidden things, you will not remain poor. You make money within the lines. A poor man is a man from whom many things are hidden. A poor man isn’t poor because of his race or gender, he is poor because he does not know the secrets required to make money in the evolving
world of finance.”
Pastor Tobi also encouraged the congregation to be different from the world. He said believers should chase wisdom when other people chase after mundane things.
“God wants to give His people wisdom and understanding instead of the many other things we ask of Him in our prayers. That is why many prayers look as if they are unanswered. The price of wisdom is all you have. To get wisdom, hold nothing back.”
“That would make you relevant in the changing world. Your life should be guided by your skill in trading when the lives of others are governed by the desire to pay bills and stuff. Job 28: 1-16 shows an array of secrets that can lead to wealth.”
Advising believers to reduce distractions in their quest for relevance in the evolving world, PT advised believers to block out many things which compete with their ability to optimise wealth gaining ability.
“The frequencies you receive from must be reduced and some shut down totally so you can actually utilise the deposits that are inside of you which regularly get distracted.”
Pastor Tobi said the stake of ‘Nationals’ and believers in the evolving world is what is given to us and does not come cheap. He said they should make sure they were well-equipped to get their stake in the changing world which required being wise, just like Solomon.
“The greatness of Solomon was quantified in his wisdom.
Once wisdom was functioning, every other thing was not important so many who wanted to learn of Solomon’s wisdom gave any and everything in exchange which made Solomon extremely wealthy.”

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