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RCCG Oyo Province 1 has set up the directorate of politics and governance.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the Directorate of Politics and Governance in the Redeemed Christian Church of God says the Directorate has been set in the 36 states of the federation to enhance sensitization and education of the people across the country especially at the grassroot.

Speaking at the launch of the DPG under the RCCG, Oyo Province 1, Ibadan, Dr Timothy Olaniyan noted that Christians have been scared from being involved in Politics, by describing politics as dirty.

Dr Olaniyan who announced that the existence of a formidable team led to the inauguration of the DPG in Oyo Province one, also indicated that it is time for Christians to get involved in Politics.

Dr Olaniyan said “From a lot of quarters, christians are being told that politics is a dirty game and people have use this to chase many Christians away from politics, but the Bible told us that Jesus will be born and the governance will be upon his shoulder, how many Christians are in government today. Government should come to people who can manage it”

“We have left this things over time, if am pastoring people and there is nothing beneficial to them, we must have goldly people in government not people who will continue to oppress the people”

“Our plans are to educate and sensitize the people, it is time that the children if God must get into politics, the blood of Jesus will flush out dirtiness in politics that will page way for servant leadership in Nigeria.

He enjoined christians to raise to the occasion, fully participate in Politics as well as ensuring that the the right people are voted into office to have a better society.

The RCCG Directorate said that there will be officers at every parish of RCCG, that will coordinate and ensure that grassroot sensitization continues and many Nigerians do not just complain when things are not working but vote and be voted for.

He urged everyone to register at a ward very close to their residence, so as not to be disenfranchised on the day of the election.

Dr Olaniyan said candidates emerging from the church will undergo proper screening and would be properly monitored, stressing that the DPG will endeavour to build candidates the will change the situation of things in the country.

He pointed out that “anyone we will ratified and must be a sincere child of God”, charging those who will be in the executive arm of DPG to carry out all assignment to the glory of God and not to drag the name of God in the mud.

The Directorate admonished Christan to kick against taking bribes, that only tested and trusted persons will be brought forward to lead in the country.

He kicked against stealing in political office, stressing that thing must not be done in the old ways for new results.

Dr Olaniyan also have a background to how the Directorate was established through the directive of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN.

He noted that apart from RCCG, other churches like The reedemed Evangelical Mission, TREM, Deeper Life Bible Church and Foursquare Gospel Church have set up directorates in their Churches and by their General Overseers in the Church.

We have gotten the Directorate in all the 36 state of the federation under the the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

He urged the Oyo Province 1 unit of the Directorate not to be very prayerful to prevent spies that may be out to tear apart the programmes of the Directorate.

The Pastor in Charge of Oyo Province 1, Pastor Oyetayo while welcoming members in their large numbers to the seminar noted that Oyo Province 1 is the first to make this move under the Region 21, noting that Christians must arise to rescue the nation.

Pastor Isaac Oyetayo said this move is also in fulfillment of the decision of the General Overseers of the RCCG, Pastor Adeboye plans to encourage members to participate in politics

Also, the chairman of the Summit, Dr Akin Fagbemi assured the church that the Directorate will do it’s best to touch the grass root.

He said as a politician, he understands what it means to sensitize people at the grassroot and will ensure that efforts are put in place to make the Directorate in the Province stand out exceptionally.

Dr. Akin Fagbemi commended the General Overseers of the RCCG, Pastor Adeboye and the Directorate of DPG for the steps already taken.

He also thanked the pastor in charge of the Province, Oyo 1 and his wife who have shown interest in making the process smooth and for being the first to key into the directive of the Mission.

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