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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.

Hon. Shina Peller has expressed satisfaction over the ongoing PUC.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that as Peller Unity Cup (PUC) gradually gets into final stage, it has been revealed that some youths driven Governors and new musical artists are expected to grace the final competition of the tournament.

Briefing journalists at OYSADEP stadium Saki the venue of the Semi Final Match 1, between Itesiwaju Lions FC and Iseyin FC, Hon. Shina Peller a lawmaker representing Iseyin/Itesiwaju Federal Constituency stressed that we will have people who are youths driven at the final.


He said, “People need to understand that to change the face of this country, we must look into the direction of the youths, the governors that believed in the youths you will see them, the musicians that are youths driven will be on ground and the new talents will be on ground at the final competition.

“The last time, we have the likes of Davido, Olamide, Small Doctors and I can tell you that a lot of artists are more interested in making this done, as well so I can tell you that we have a long list of them and I think it’s better to make it a suspense.”

“We give thanks to Almighty God who has made it possible for us to made it to this stage, we had about 20 teams playing together at the qualifying stage and we get to the round of 16, to the quarter finals and Semi Finals, though due to the incident that happened at the Kaduna Abuja rail.”

“We wanted to find a way to suspend the game but because of situations beyond my control the association said we cannot suspend the game just like that because they have already fixed the match, but most importantly this is a semi final and that is why I have decided to be here today to give out that support and being on ground to assure them of the support from us.”

“We already have two players that have been penciled than by the scouts and they have been asked to report to training seasons in two different places, what we are doing today is for us to see the semi finals to be played and after the semi finals we will postpone the final to later because after today I want everyone participating to go and relax so they can have proper training for the final game.”

“We thank God that at least the Youths of Oke Ogun have been engaged for the past one months playing across various local government, and the is the reason we have organized this tournament, it’s to promote unity of diversity among our youths.”

“The reasons why we have done it has been justified, now I can tell that the youth are more engaged, they are looking forward to the final of the competition which of course after that a musical concert will followed where we will have a-list musicians that will be on ground to perform, we have done it before and we thank God that we are doing it again.”

“We gave every teams an opportunity to out in their best, we had in total two teams from each local government and fortunately we have two teams from Iseyin local government and two tes from Itesiwaju local government, and I can tell you that when we started the tournament I told one of the officials that all Iseyin FC are my favorites.

“Though I did not single out any local government as my favorite, because I want the best of all the best to emerge winner and what we have seen is these two teams that are left to face themselves are really put in their best so I really looking forward to have two local government play at the final so whatever that happens we will leave it for God.”

“I give kudos to bother the medical, security and organizers of the tournament for they have done well so much.” He said.

At the end of the semi final game 1, Iseyin FC won with  3 goals, while the Itesiwaju Lions manage to score a goal. The Semi Final game 2 ended in favour of Iseyin United FC, as they trashed their visitor Itesiwaju Ranger FC 2 goals to zero.

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