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Oyo State Government has resettled another 400 set of straying destitutes and beggars. 
9Janewshub.com.ng reports that Oyo state government in its efforts of achieving Ibadan Mega City has again evacuated over 400
beggars and destitute
within Ibadan metropolis.

****Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Inclusion, Alhaja Khafilat Olayiwola and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mrs. Christiana Abioye leading the state raid in beggars and Destitutes in Ibadan….

The government also explained its plans to provide another resettlement centre for the beggars and destitutes in all the nooks and crannies of the capital city.

Briefing journalists during a state raid on beggars and destitutes across nooks and crannies of Ibadan on Wednesday,  the State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Inclusion, Alhaja Kafilat Olayiwola stated that the government of the day is not interested in seeing destitute and beggars on our roads without being fed and looking battered. As a result of this, the government provided a settlement for them, where they can be well fed, given proper health care and enjoy other facilities but we still discovered that they go outside to beg and do other things that this government  seriously frowns at.”

Alhaja Khafilat who lead a state delegation team on the raid stressed that the government is planning to provide another settlement area for them apart from the one here in Akinyele.”

The raided areas include  Jemibewon/Mokola/ Sango University of Ibadan Main Gate,  Challenge/Oja’ba, Oje/Bodija, Iwo road/Gbagi and Basorun Akobo routes among others.

The Commissioner maintained further that, “Though we have returned some of these beggars, who have been rehabilitated back to their families, having taken their profile and know where they belonged.”

“The next thing we are planning to do now is to employ security guards to take control of the gates so as to prevent them from going outside to beg for alms.”

“When we went out today to raid markets and neighboring streets, we were able to evacuate over 400 of them back into the settlement the government has provided for them and we are still expecting more.

“We all know that the focus of this administration is to ensure the lives of the less privileged are improved upon and that is what it has been doing.

“The destitute and beggars in Oyo State need care, affection, rehabilitation and resettlement. All these have been taken care of by the state government. But despite the care and comfort being given to them at the resettlement centre in Akinyele, we have observed that some of them are very stubborn to the extent that they still stray back to the street but the government is hell-bent in ensuring that they stay at the provided centre.

“We want to make sure that we enforce the law and implement their full stay in the centre. The government will continue to do this as we now raid in the afternoon and evening hours. So, we are ready to tackle the stuborness of these destitute.

“Also, we sincerely appreciate the level of cooperation of the citizenry on this development. They have been so supportive and we will continue with the exercise until they comply with the orders of the state government.”
Also contributing, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Inclusion, Mrs. Christiana Abioye said, “Necessary attention and more facilities have been provided for the evacuees to make it more habitable and conducive for them and  see no reason why they should not stay here just as the government has directed.

“We will not rest on our oars until we rid them off the state totally.”

Meanwhile, a resident of Oyo state, Mr Wasiu Gunwa expressed his joy on the evacuation exercise, as he affirmed that the beggars create all sorts of problems in the environment.

He prayed for the government to do more so as to ameliorate the challenges of the less privileged.

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