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Dr. Philips is likely to emerge the winner at the incoming PDP Lagos Congress.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the game is getting heat as Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos State prepare to hold her cancelled state congress on the 19th of February, 2022 at a venue to be decide by the party.

***Dr. Philips Adebiyi Abiodun…

Four notable members of the opposition party are contesting for the Chairmanship position against  Dr. Adebiyi Abiodun Phillips a Chartered Administrator from Chartered Institute of Administration may win the race.

Dr Phillips according to some stakeholders in Lagos State and Southwest is more qualified among others. He is well grounded and full of experiences.

Some of the leaders said to our correspondent that the choice of Dr Phillips will help the party, as an independent candidate without a godfather, is what the party needs at this point in time.

Another leader said the other three contestant are been sponsored by the duo of Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George, Dr Ogunkelu and Dr Ade Dosumu. He said the likes of Dr Fawole who is the candidate of Chief Olabode George, Niyi Adams is the candidate of Dr Ogunkelu and Capt Tunji Shelle rtd while Hon Aivoji is the candidate of Dr Ade Dosumu.

She said what the party wants now is an independent candidate who will work with all the camps and unite the party. She said Dr Phillips will reposition the party and prepare the party for winning come 2023.

Another leader said he has been following the write ups of all the four major aspirants but Dr Phillips is second to none.

He is well determine and he is rolling out what he will do if giving the chance. While others are only preaching what to him is meaningless.

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