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*Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
Ajaawa people are in fear following alleged killing of residents.
SWIndependentnews.com.ng reports that pandemonium broke out in Ajaawa, Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Area of Oyo State in the early hours of Tuesday, as men of the Nigeria police in three Sienna space buses, allegedly stormed the area and started shooting sporadically, which resulted in the death of three persons, while ten others sustained various degrees of injuries in a shootout that lasted over an hour.
The development according to the Chairman of Ogo Oluwa Local Government, Ajaawa, Hon. Oluwaseun Adesoye Ojo, who made the disclosure while briefing journalists on Tuesday said those that carried out the dastardly act supposedly came from the office of the Inspector General of Police in Abuja.
Hon. Ojo further confirmed that the team made bookings at the office of the Area Commander and the office of the Divisional Police Officer, Ajaawa, adding that there was no so doubt that they were men of the Nigeria Police.
His words: “Early this morning, around 1am precisely, I was woken up by frantic calls from many people in Ajaawa, following sporadic gun shots that left the town terrified from midnight of Monday, July 28.”
“Following quick checks by my office and the office of the Alajaawa, it as confirmed that the sporadic gunshots and direct shootings into some homes were carried out by some men of the Nigeria Police, who had invaded Ajaawa for no clear reasons.”
“We were told that the team came from Abuja, supposedly from the office of the Inspector General of Police.”
*Hon. Seun Ojo, Alajaawa and others briefing journalists over the Ajaawa killing.
“It was confirmed that the team made bookings at the office of the Area Commander and the office of the Divisional Police Officer, Ajaawa, so we had no doubt that they were men of the Nigeria Police.”
“We were, however, more than baffled that men of the Nigeria Police would invade a community, unleash sporadic gunshots and cause tension and panic, even loss of lives.”
“As  we speak, at least two persons were confirmed dead from the sporadic gunshots fired by the police team members while at least 10 persons have been confirmed to sustain various degrees of injuries. The final number of the injured was actually being put together as we speak since I had to hurriedly leave the council to make this report here in Ibadan.”
“I am therefore, using this medium to send a Save Our Soul (SOS) to the Inspector General of Police(IGP), whose office is being dragged to an act we consider lawless and one which cannot be defended by any aspect of our lawbooks.”
“Our people are at a loss as to why law enforcement officers would invade a community in such a commando- like manner and unleash mayhem leading to a situation where members of the community had to take refuge in the forest even in the dead of the night.”
“As we speak, the local government headquarters in Ajaawa is deserted as many of our people have relocated to nearby towns.
A number of our people are of the view that the raid may not be unconnected with the decision of some youths to sack a shrine which belonged to One Ade Master and is being linked to kidnapping and disappearance of innocent persons in the area in recent times.”
“Could it be that some persons are not happy that our Youths sacked the shrine and stopped the possible use of the area to perpetrate nefarious activities?”
Could it be that some forces are trying to instigate the Police against innocent people of Ajaawa community and disrupt the peace of the area for their selfish and nefarious activities?
Why would the police invade a community and unleash violence in the dead of the night?
These and many questions  have been agitating our minds since the violence broke in the midnight of yesterday.
Let me use this medium to equally call on the IGP, the Commissioner of Police, Oyo State and all law enforcement officers to please join hands to ensure peace in our local government and our state. We have all seen and are proud of the service delivery efforts of Governor Seyi Makinde aimed at developing the state.”
“We are all proud of his deliveries in the four areas listed in the Four-Point service agenda including Health, Education, Expanded Economy and Security.”
“For this service deliveries to take firm roots in the communities, we as administrators at the local government levels are ready to contribute our own quarter by following the footsteps of our leader.”
“We are of the firm view that development cannot thrive in an area where there is rancour and insecurity. Therefore, we need to join hands together to guarantee peace and security and also deliver infrastructural growth.”
“Please join me to alert the officers and men of the security agencies to shun any entreaties to throw our councils, the state or any part of Nigeria into chaos. This is the least we can demand from the officers of the law.”
In his contributions, the traditional ruler of Ajaawa, His Royal Majesty Oba Thompson Adeyeye Oyetunji Alajaawa said what happened in my town today baffled us, suddenly we just started hearing gunshots sporadically from different directions.
“It was around 1am, and I called the DPO of Ogbomoso and he told me that those people are Policemen from Abuja, he said they are IGP team, he said they have been to his station to register their movements.
The monarch further maintained that the DPO confirmed that the Policemen were in Ajaawa to arrest a criminal, stressing that they actually made their operation formal by reporting before embacking on their mission.
Alajaawa maintained that the said Policemen through their attacks killed three residents, injured many, took away injured Ifajaiyeola, his wife and some of his family members, and up till now we don’t know their whereabouts.
“How can we explain Policemen invaded a community at night killing innocent harmless civilian, there were no any activities in Ajaawa today, our children didn’t go to school, most of the residents have left, I’m also afraid to go back to town, I can’t explain this menace.
“And our people have been suspecting one Gideon Adeboye Oyeleye, popularly known as Are Master, because he has no job, no source of livelihood and has been living large, he moves around in convoys with exotic cars, he has a shrine in his house, because of his allegedly involvement in some shady deals like kidnapping for ransom and the likes, his house was recently burnt by aggrieved youths when his bodyguard killed some protesting youths in our town.
Government need to come to our help, this incident is terrible, i’m even afraid of going back to my town, Ade Master has some influentia people behind him, he uses vehicles with plate number Police SPY, and whatever happens in our town, he will not want it settle within the Police jurisdiction of our town, before you know what happened, he will go straight to Ogbomoso Divisional Police Headquarters, it’s so sad.
“And from what I heard from the eyewitness of today attack, my people confirmed that Ade Master led these people to our town and was even seen pointing fingers to who and who to attack.
“I assumed the throne of our father as the Alajaawa of Ajaawa on 4th July 2020 and have been consulting and talking to him on the need to make sure we have a peaceful coexistence in the town, but he has been going round saying he will make the entire town ungovernable for me. Alajaawa said.

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