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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
Oyo state chapter of NUJ in its efforts to avert sudden death among members organized inter-faith prayer session.
SWIndependentnews.com.ng reports that Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Oyo State Chapter has seek for God’s intervention over the sudden and untimely deaths among the members of the union.
***Alhaji Mudashiru Atanda Bada praying for journalists during the inter-faith prayer session that was organized by Oyo NUJ…
Oyo NUJ through an Interfaith Prayers session that was held at the Dapo Aderogba Hall NUJ Iyaganku Ibadan, which had in attendance journalists from different Chapels across the state, were led by clerics from both Islamic and christians  faith to avert the occurrence of sudden and untimely deaths among it’s members.
In his lecture, the Cheif Imam of Oluyole Muslim Community and it’s environ, Alhaji Mudashiru Atanda Bada described different calamities that the entire humanity currently battling with as a result of being isolated from Almighty Allah.
Alhaji Mudashiru an Islamic scholar and Economic and Financial Expert, said “God doesn’t want us to die despite the fact that we face death on daily basis as we go out on daily basis in search of our daily bread.
Humanity are no longer conscious of God in heaven and this is the bane of our calamity, the day we return back to God in heaven, the day we return back our souls back to Him, then we will start to enjoy the benefits of returning back to Him, at least the benefits is there for us to achieve.
Today we isolate ourselves from God as if we are here on our own, and we are never, the God in heaven is watching, and that He’s the watchtower, as the day we return back to him, the day we begin to do things that He desire of us, it is then that we will begin to enjoy His mercies and favour.
Absence of God consciousness within our society and among humanity is what is causing problem we are facing now, we all believe in our smartness, and there are lots of madness in the world nowadays, humanities have resolved to barbaric acts such as same marriage, abortion, killing of innocent people for either rituals or otherwise, armed robbery, maiming, rape and all others, it is all these that have resulted in us fighting against unseen enemies such as COVID-19, untimely deaths, accidents, disasters among others.
God has promised us in the Holy Quran that if we refuse listen to Him, He will not forgive us, and that has indeed brought disasters into humanity, and He also promised that if We believe in Him, He will rewards us here and the world beyond. He promised us greatest enjoyment devoid of accident, lost of sight, sudden death, just let us rededicate ourselves to him, the world is in His feet, let us do things within the concept of His will and wish, and we will start enjoying the life better than what we are currently having now. Alhaji Mudashiru said.
In his assertion, Evangelist Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide all the way from Olode Ife, in Osun State said obedience is the key to promise land and success.
Prophet Hezekiah said,  “death hide in disobedient, so we have to be obedience to God, Bible says a prince that is disobedient will be working like a slave.
The Cleric also preach for love and unity among the journalists, he said, your stars are different from each other, So stop envying your colleagues, everyone has is own said time, so I implore you to love your colleague just the way you love yourself.
***Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji praying for journalists***
“Don’t underestimate anybody, some journalists do undermine people and this has resulted to their sudden death, some journalists don’t listen ad act in a Godly manner and this has resulted in their deaths.
“Some journalists have disobeyed the words of God and this has cause their untimely deaths, journalists are a salt of the nation, they need to obey God words and be obedient, they must live a life like a real role model in the society, they should love one another, they should close all rancour between them, they should build confidence in themselves, they should be careful of achieving wealth by all means.
Nigeria as a nation is blessed with enormous resources and wealth but disobedient has make us lost our glory, God want us to obey Him and return to Him, that is the only way we can achieve a great and better society. Prophet Hezekiah said.
The Clerics at the end of their lectures, however prayed against sudden and untimely death among journalists in the state, and urged them to live happily in accordance with the do’s and don’t of God as stated by the Holy Books.
In his words, the State Chairman of the Union, Comrade Ademola Babalola said, the essence of the Interfaith special prayer is to pray for journalists in the State against sudden and untimely deaths.
He said, we are here today because is becoming imperative due to the fact that this year alone we have lost numbers of journalists who are professionals, who are doing well for the society, we remember a number of them who have died from January to recently, the death of David Ajiboye who was a DG of  Fresh FM, these are the people that we feel are professional journalists who always assist the society to get better but fortunately we lost them.
We are here seeking the face of God, that is why we have brought the clerics from both religious, we have here the Evangelist of CAC worldwide, Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji and our Baba Chief Imam of Oluyole Muslim Community and Environ Alhaji Mudashiru Atanda Bada, to give us special prayer to seek God face for journalists in Oyo State because we don’t want to die young again.
We want to live happily forever, we want to live happily and fulfil our potentials, we don’t want to die prematurely, we want to live and contribute our quota to nation building, and that is why we have brought all of them here this afternoon, and we thank God that they have led us to see God face and we hope and pray that all the prayers that have been said this afternoon will be answered by God’s grace, I pray that all of us we live happily and peacefully till our old age.
“The advise given by the clerics should be put into practice, the both clerics in their separate lectures urged us to fear God and to also obey Him, as well as to be careful in our day to day activities, as a journalists our job is very volatile.
“Journalists are operating in a very dangerous environment, so we must be careful and be guided by the ethics of the profession’s we should do the job creatively as demanded by the constitution of NUJ and Nigeria as a society. Babalola said.

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