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*By Kazeem Awojoodu Ibadan.
The Ibadan Solidarity Youth Movement, ISYM has unequivocally condemned a youth group which goes by the name Oyo Must be Great Again, OMGA, a mouth piece of the APC in the state.
The ISYM described the APC in the state as a bunch of bitter losers and confusionists who want to place the state under chaos simply because of parochial ambition.
ISYM in a statement issued in Ibadan on Saturday and signed by Dr Kamorudeen Bamidele, the group stated that: “The APC has formed a stumbling block to progress, development and peace in the state by spreading hate, false rumours, fake news and fueling and acting as catalysts to any existing crises with the intention of heightening tension and building mistrust in the hearts of the people against the PDP government  and it’s dynamic leader, Engineer Seyi Makinde, the executive Governor or Oyo State.”
A copy of the statement made available to SWIndependent.com.ng further reads:
“We have watched with awful dismay how the APC has continued to send it’s social media rug rats and vague but vile insignificant groups after anyone who tries to correct the fake news they churn out almost every day.
It must be noted that Oyo State is not the only state witnessing insecurity in Nigeria today but the Oyo APC has become vuvuzelas brewing volcanic lavas in teacups just to escalate tension and discredit the good works of our Governor, Seyi Makinde.
More irritating and disturbing is the fact that they think they can muzzle us all from telling the truth.
However, we are Oyo, brave warriors. We are not easily cowed.
The APC should hide it’s head in shame and reflect on it’s Eight years of lawlessness and Carnage in Oyo which was the same reason the people kicked them out.
The era of thuggery, senseless killings, assassinations, authoritarianism, zero progress in the midst of Carnage is over and that is why they are desperately trying to destroy Seyi Makinde’s legacies.
Unfortunately, these legacies are tangible and visible to the people of Oyo State, not even the team of their rug rats can sweep the progress in Oyo under the carpet. Teachers who have started receiving prompt salaries after years of being denied their labour’s worth are there to testify.
Pensioners  who served their state and were left to die in penury, are there to testify, students who have left APC’s delapidated and collapsing buildings for Makinde’s restored and state of the art classrooms are there to testify, those who are benefiting from reduction of school fees, are there to testify, those who have benefitted from bursaries are there to testify, what about infrastructural development?
Projects left to rot have been revamped, agencies of government are back functioning, the whole of Oyo is witnessing a new lease of life yet all the APC does is criticise and cause disaffection.
We hereby warn the so called Oyo Must Be Great again to steer clear of men of good conscience who courageously take them on when they spread their evil lies.
Insulting and disrespecting such men as the great Hon. Dare Adeleke, a man who has exposed the nefarious activities of the APC at each turn, will not stop him from  speaking out.
Adeleke it must be noted, was one of the founding members of the PDP in Oyo State and has every right to treat every nastiness of the APC and it’s goons with the disdain it deserves.
Resorting to name calling, spreading false information about Dare Adeleke will not stop him or any other man or woman who holds the truth sacred from talking.
We can assure you that both the APC and it’s agents, be they high or low will be trashed in public with the same vitriol they employ.
So called Oyo Must be great, be warned henceforth, we will treat every misinformation and address every single untruth.
APC lost Oyo, good riddance to bad rubbish and they can never regain it, no matter how much calumny the spread.

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