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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
Governor Kayode Fayemi has hailed the Nigerian Armed Forces for their courageous fight against insurgency, banditary among other security challenges currently battling the Country.
SWIndependent.com.ng reports that the Ekiti State Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi over the weekend during 2021 June 12 colloquium held in Ado – Ekiti the Capital City of the State urged the self acclaimed agitators across the country to have a rethink over their decisions.
Dr. Fayemi in his speech titled “National Security Challenges and the Lessions of June 12 ” maintained that the current Secessionist agitations across the country was a product of sentimental  indoctrination  by certain political leaders .
Dr. Fayemi who also doubles as the Chairman, Nigeria, Governors Forum(NGF) warned that it was dangerous for us as a people  to keep on digging out what offends a segment of the country  against the other.
He said, “Despite the limited resources, our security system, especially the armed forces, have tried to confront these merchants of death as courageously as possible.
The reality is that continuously expanding our security architecture to respond to the emerging threat environment is an expensive venture that a struggling economy like ours cannot afford.
” It is therefore unfortunate that some people are taking advantage of the current situation to embark on what is now looking like an intractable secessionist agitation.
An agenda that seeks the implosion of the Nigeria state without consideration of the consequences of mortgaging the gains of our shared history and drowns the voices of the majority who yearn for our issues to be addressed, and a new Nigeria birthed” Fayemi said.
Speaking on the importance of June 12, Fayemi said, the day represents “the possibility of a new Nigeria where our fault lines would become our best lines, and our diversity becomes our strength”.
We remember and celebrate June 12 because it represents the possibility of a new Nigeria where our fault lines would become our best lines, and our diversity becomes our strength.
“The current secessionist campaigns and the rise of vocal non-state actors, in my view, are partly direct responses to decades of negative and sentimental indoctrination by political leaders who construct ‘marginalization’ in Nigeria as exclusively ethno-religious in nature without any class character.
He however urged Nigerians to “start a new conversation around a democracy that instills confidence in the citizenry and holds a promise of a better life for all.
“Even as we fight to end criminality, let us unite to end all forms of bigotry which inspire violent reactions.” Fayemi stressed.

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