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Hon. Olufemi Josiah has pledged support for people living with disabilities vying for elective positions.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the People living with disability have been charged to shun their disabilities and embrace politics to champion their causes better.

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They were also advised to contest for political offices, especially at the parliament levels where their matter can be better discussed and executed.

Speaking on Saturday, as a special guest at the Global Summit for the people living with disability that was organized by a Nigeria based Charity Organization, Star Children Development Initiative Ibadan, The Special Assistant on Community Relations to Governor Seyi Makinde, Hon. Olufemi Josiah pledged his unflinching support for the people with disability especially those that has interest in joining politics.

He also urged them to be active in politics by aspiring to be in an elective position such as the parliament where their matter can best be discussed and be sorted out.

He said, “there is nothing stopping people with disability from aspiring for elective offices and the reason is that no one can argue their matter better than themselves, we want people with disability in the parliament  because when such people are in the parliament matter affecting them can best be discussed and push forward by somebody who is going through similar experiences.

Engr. Seyi Makinde led administration has a great concern with people living with disabilities and that’s why we are not joking with diversity and inclusiveness, as I speak with you we have an Executive Assistant to Governor on disability, the government also created offices at the state level and local government level for people living with disability.


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“We have the office of Executive Assistant on disability and we have the office of Special Sports on disability, and we have the supervisory councillors at the local government level and special assistants on people living with disabilities, but that is the starting point form our government point of view, for us this is a challenge for those of us dealing with people with disability.


“It is in this view that our government understand that we need to build the coexisting capacity so that we can provide equity needs for everybody living in this state, irrespective of your state or physical ability. I’m ready to support anyone with disability who have interest to contest for any political office with all I have.

“Some of us who have great feelings for people living with disability, is because we understand that anybody can fall into that condition at any point in time, we live a world where accident can happen anytime, where war or disaster can happen at any time, and anything can happen as a result of that, so that you are hale and healthy today does not guarantee that tomorrow you might be the same, and that should be able to deal with them consciousness, for anybody to live with disability is not a misfortune, it’s a state of consciousness and anybody can fall into that market.


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“My late father died at the age of 62 and he managed blindness for twenty years, so I know what it means to be with somebody with disability, my mom is 94 I know disability at times comes with age, because there are lots of things she can’t do by herself any longer and we are coping with it and managing it. Josiah said.

Some of participants who are mostly people with disability spoke about the theme of the program which centered on Disability, Relationship, Sex, and Love.

Also in their remarks the Vice President of the Star Children Development Initiative Dr. Ifeolu Akintunde and the Executive Director, Mrs. Fadesola Adelani maintained that the Charity is meant for love.

Dr. Akintunde a vision impaired person based in United Kingdom said, we are all the same in the eye of God. He noted that people living with disability feel insecure because of their challenges.

He said, “what we do is to make people feel that they are loved, because they are generally feel insecure than other people because you can see their disabilities, if I’m working in the street today you can see that I’m a blind person, and what that tells you is how to relate with me, and I found out that some people relate with me that they are superior to me, and I’m inferior to them so what we are trying to do here today is to reverse the trend.

” To tell the world that everyone is equal, we are the same thing in the eye of God.

“Among other dignitaries at the event are Rev. Olufemi Ibikunle Zaccheus  Special Assistant to Governor on Interfaith Matters, Ambassador Olusola Olagunju, Chairperson Community Chest Council.

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