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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
The Inspector General of Police has called for intelligence and support of other security agencies in reducing crime rate to the bestest minimum across the country.
SWIndependentnews.com.ng reports that the Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba has urged officers and men of the Force lias with other security agency order to have a defeat in the fight against insecurity in the country.
***IGP Usman Baba being led by the Oyo state commissioner of Police CP. Ngozi Onadeko in paying homage to the stakeholders present  at the Command****
IGP Usman made the disclosure during official visit to the Oyo State Police Command Headquarters Eleyele Ibadan on Wednesday made the disclosure.
IGP. Baba in his address said the problem of kidnapping that is bedeviling this country cannot be solved unless we embark on intelligence, he pointed that the rescue operations are very difficult operations if you allow the kidnapping to take place, stressing that to rescue the person is at the disadvantage because your rescue operations must be the one that must rescue the victim unhurt, so it is better for you to find a ways to chase the kidnappers before they embark on the kidnapping.
“After they must have release their victims, that case should not end like that, don’t wait until the kidnapping victims are release for you to chased them, they must be look for after they might have release the victims so even if you get them it will be a minus whatever numbers they might have get, you will always have better informations than you can get from the victims who must have been rescue or who might have been released, with the intelligence and his own testimonies, you will be able to get those people so that you can prevent them from kidnapping another person.
While talking on the needed working synergy between the police and other security agencies, the IGP said, when it comes to internal security the Police is the lead agency and you must occupied that space but the security architecture of the security or in providing security to the citizens of this country the states is wide there are lot of ungovern spaces, there are lot of lapses that we cannot fill, but together we can make it with other security agencies, we must work with the military and whoever that will come to support crime control and preventing crime and maintaining the order.
“I also want to employ your professionalism in dealing with this situations by your training, by your calling by your commitments to duty, you lead and be ensure that the Nigerian citizens particularly the people of Oyo State sleep with their two eyes closed, whoever that is coming to support the security situations of this country to improve is a partner in progress, there shouldn’t be rivalry, there should be synergy, cooperation, there should be collaboration and when you have these you chase men of underworld away. But If you allow them to divide you, you will be operating at cross purposes.
“The DPO’s should lias with other security services in their divisions, when we say we are lead agency in internal security, there are also agencies that are also leading in some particular situations, or in particular crime control, law and order, for instance if you are talking about aliens, the control of aliens are for the people controlling our borders, the Immigration should be the lead agency, and you can collectively support the immigration to make sure that illegal aliens issues are tackled. Even if you are going to quench fire the lead agency should be the fire service but not only the fire service that is needed in that scene, you will need to deploy your officers immediately to condone the place so that people cannot come and steal the people’s properties or turn the place to something else.
“While the fire service men are busy trying to quency the fire, you provide the support of orderliness and makes sure that people’s properties are safe. IGP Usman said.
The IGP further said, “If you are investigating a case take the Federal Road Safety Agency into cognisance, there is no crime nowadays that will not involve vehicles and they have better data in terms of making registration and other knowledge about what they intends to know about vehicles, so everybody has a role that needed to be supported, they will support you, you will support them, behind every crime nowadays there is drug abuse, identify the drug Officer or the NDLEA Officer in your area, and synergies with him, cooperates with him, work with him, collaboration with him to deal with issues of drug related cases, if we are doing this we will be able to solve our problems better than operating at the cross purposes.
“If you look at my point of references in my agenda of policing is the issue of intelligent lead policing, there is nothing you cannot achieve if you have better intelligence about it especially before it happens, your level of commitment must be total to this job, you must have a change of attitude is not a force level, nobody has be forced to join this job, we all signed, we all fill forms, we went for interviews, even though some of us might not realized that the police job is not as risky as this, but nobody will die twice, and nobody will die until your time comes, you cannot even be injured or even get a scratch if it’s not ordained, they say coward dies many times.IGP said.
Earlier In her address, the state Police Commissioner, CP. Ngozi Onadeko fdc, urged the IGP to help the Command in areas of providing infrastructures, logistics.
She said, “the command needs all the manpower it can get to tackle the headlong and sustain the present peace, she highlighted the needs of the command as shortage of arms and ammunition, inadequate communication equipment, shortage of anti-riot equipment, shortage of Police drivers and lack of office and barrack accomodations.

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