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Senator Bukola Saraki has promised youths juicy positions if elected as president.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki has promised to appoint youths to the positions of minister of state if he elected as Nigeria President at the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Saraki made this known on Monday when the Young Professionals and Entrepreneur presented him the presidential interest and nomination forms worth N40m.

While presenting the expression of interest and nomination forms worth N40 million, the Young Professionals explained that they decided to take the initiative of purchasing the forms for the former President of the Senate to run for presidency.

The group maintained that they contributed between the sum of N500,000 to N2million each to enable them to purchase the forms.

Speaking on behalf of the group while presenting the forms to Saraki, Mr Abubakar Dan-Musa said, “we are not politicians and therefore non-party members. Rather, we are young professionals and entrepreneurs who believe in this great country, Nigeria.

We are from different parts of the country. We all worship one God in different ways. Our world views are as diverse as this country to which we are citizens. However, we have a common agenda and common goal. We believe in Nigeria. We want Nigeria to develop. We want Nigeria to serve the interest of all Nigerians.”

In his response, Saraki Saraki, who said he was emotional over the gesture of the Young Professionals promised that if he become the President of Nigeria, all positions of Ministers of State in the cabinet will be occupied by youths.

He said: “With your action today, I do not have an option but to listen to the voice of the youths who represent 62 percent of the over 200 million Nigerians.

“That is why I want to promise that If I become the President of Nigeria, all positions of Ministers of State in the cabinet will be occupied by youths.

“This is a promise that I will not fail because I believe the ideas of the youths are needed to drive modern development efforts. And you know from my record that I have the boldness to implement this promise.”

He further said that what they have done is a symbolic message that they are mandating him to go out to the field and work hard among “all our leaders, delegates, and other stakeholders to win the PDP presidential ticket come May as well as subsequently follow up with decisive victory in the general elections in February 2023.

“Looking at the diversity that all of you gathered here represent, another symbolic message I will take away is that as far as the youths are concerned, what we need to develop in Nigeria is not where people come from or what religion they subscribe to.

“It is about having the competence, determination, and patriotism to initiate good measures and have the courage of conviction to follow through with the plans.

“Your charge to me is to go there and make all Nigerians – young and old, Northerners and Southerners, Muslims, Christians, and people of other religions, operators in the private and public sectors, and members of different political parties – to join hands and fix Nigeria.”

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