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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
A 60 year old man Umaru Mohammed has been arrested and Paraded for supplying rifles for bandits and kidnappers.
SWIndependentmews.com.ng gathered thag a 60year old Umaru Mohammed was arrested for conveying Rifles and Ammunition to Bandits/Kidnappers along the Highways all across the North and Southwest.
The old man was said to have been using a special compartment made to hide the Rifles in his car for successful transaction of the lethal weapons.
He collects 200k from the Kidnappers/Bandits for conveying the Rifles to the kidnapping Point along the Highways and days later, another 200k for bringing the Rifles back after the kidnappings and ransom collections.
He said security agents don’t suspect him along the highways because of his Old Age.
Him and his gang were Arrested by IRT, Rifles and Ammunition recovered. Police Force PRO Paraded them before the press on 16/6/2021.

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