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FOMWAN has warned against imminent crisis over hijab wearing in Kwara Schools.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the National body of the Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, FOMWAN has condemned the killing of a muslim last week Thursday in Kwara state during a peaceful protest over the use of hijab in a public school, Oyun Baptist High School, Ijagbo.

The Association described the opening of fire at the innocent muslim protesters by suspected hired criminals which led to the death of one Habeeb Idris and the injuring of four others as capable of igniting religious conflagration in the state.

It said the quick action and intervention of the Kwara state Government, the security agents and the Muslim community of the state prevented the crisis from degenerating into a full blown religious upheaval.

The reaction of FOMWAN national body was contained in a statement issued by the Amirah of FOMWAN, Hajia Rafi’ah Idowu Sanni in Abuja.

The FOMWAN National Amirah commiserated with the parents and the family of the deceased muslim, and wished those receiving treatment in the hospital complete healing.

Hajia Rafi’ah Idowu Sanni who noted that the attack which evidently showed a semblance of a premeditated action  was orchestrated by those who are disinclined to the use of hijab by students in Government schools.
She however called on the security agents to engage in a thorough investigation in order to arrest, prosecute and punish the criminal elements responsible for the act and their sponsors.

The national body of FOMWAN appealed to the Kwara state muslim community to continue to tow the path of peace and dialogue as well as through the instrumentality of the  court to avoid aggravating the already tensed situation.

” This is not a good development at all. Unleashing such terror on muslims who were on a peaceful protest should be condemned in strong terms by every right thinking individual. FOMWAN at the National level frowns at such an unwarranted taking and killing of innocent soul. We are saddened by the dimension the situation is taking.  Hijab is a commandment in the Glorious Quran for female muslims.

It is not compulsory on anyone who is not a Muslim. Anyone can dress in line with the teachings of his or her faith. We are people of guidance

” We want to further remind our muslim brothers in Kwara state that Islam preaches peaceful coexistence hence they should not succumb to any act of provocation from an individual or association as this may end up throwing the state into an unending crisis. There’s no doubting the fact that muslims and christians have been living together peacefully in Kwara state for so many years. We should therefore not allow the issue of hijab which concerns only the female Muslims to cause great division and war amongst us.

At this juncture, we are appealing to our muslim brothers in Kwara not to embark on any retaliatory action or reprisal attack but they should allow the security agents to continue to maintain peace while the state Government explores ways of finding lasting solution to the hijab issue. The Government was right and prompt in shutting down the school immediately . It was the right step in the right direction.

Otherwise, the crisis would have snowballed.” Hajia Rafi’ah Idowu Sanni noted.

The National Amirah of the Association further enjoined all religious heads in Kwara state to commence the process of dialogue while also urging them to prevail on their followers not to fan the embers of discord but give peace a chance.

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