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Edemosi Council Of Chiefs and  residents of Edomosi town have denied service Of Quit Notice to their monarch.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the kingmakers in Edemosi under the aegis of the Edemosi Council of Chiefs, and the residents of the community have described as false and misleading claims in some quarters that the people of the town have given ultimatum to their monarch, the Edigbon of Edemosi town, Oba Samuel Adeniyi Olaniyan, to either heed their call or abdicate the throne.(THE POINT EXCLUDING).

****Oba Samuel Adeniyi Olaniyan…

One of the publications titled, ‘How women and youths protest, give Osun traditional ruler quit notice,’ read that “…some youths and women storm(ed) a monarch’s palace protesting.”

It reported that women and youths in Edemosi, accusing their king of failing to live in the town, gave the monarch seven days within which to relocate to the town or quit the throne.

However, the Obasolo, Chief Samuel Olusanya Babatunde, who is a member of the Edemosi Council of Chiefs, described the allegation as ‘blatant falsehood,’ adding that the report was a figment of imagination by fourth columnists in the community.

Obasolo said that contrary to the report by two national newspapers and an online news platform that some people protested against the monarch in the town, there was no protest at any time.

He said that, “You can go into the town to conduct an interview; the people would tell you the truth. Also, we are surprised that a picture of the protesters was used in one of the publications, but it has been found that there is a big building in the picture. We don’t have such a building in this town; please go round and verify the account.”

Meanwhile, those calling for an apology from Oba Olaniyan were said to have been sponsored in view of the suspension of Abiodun Awojide, the Obaala of Edemosi; and Chief Aniyikaye Awowale, Akogun of Edemosi; allegedly for insubordination against the monarch.

During Friday the town hall meeting, the Obatufe of Edemosi, Chief Jimoh Agboola, expressed shock on the alleged publication, saying that “At no forum was Oba Olaniyan given an ultimatum to apologise to the town’s people. The king suspended the Obaala in a letter dated March 23, 2022 for the offences that he committed.

“The letter of suspension alleged the Obaala of illegally converting the farm land of dead people to his personal use; misappropriation of community’s IGR; gross insubordination against the king; and organizing palace coup against the Edigbon of Edemosi.

“Also, a letter dated October 14, 2921, addressed to Awowale Samuel Olaniyi, titled, ‘Letter of dismissal from chieftaincy title,’ read that based on the recommendation of the nine-man-committee dated August 30, 2021, the committee found Olaniyi guilty of insulting the stool of Edigbon; using his office to defraud the community; usage of charm and threat to life among others.

“All the chiefs are against the Obaala. We are in support of Kabiyesi’s decision to suspend him and to dismiss Olaniyi. Kabiyesi is not at war with the Okun’s compound where Obaala came from. This is Kabiyesi’s fourth year. The Obaala is full of intrigues. If we don’t react at this point it won’t be good.”

The Odosin of Ila Orangun, Chief Rotimi Adeleke Adebayo, who was present at the Friday meeting, warned the Obaala and his co-travelers against fanning the ember of discord against the king as doing so comes with adverse consequence.

A woman in the town called Ogunmola Idowu said that the king had told the town’s people that he could not move his family down to the town because the palace is insecure without a fence and absence of security offence.

Meanwhile, Oba Olaniyan has said that the sad intrigue against his person would do those who constituted themselves as enemies of the development in the town no good.

Oba Olaniyan said, “Go to the town, you will see the Royal Estate that I am building with my personal resources. I am moving into the estate once it is completed and the project is at advanced stage. I am also fascinating a police station into the community.

“Presently, I am not living in Edemosi but I always sit in the palace for meeting with the people. I met the palace in ruins four years ago when I ascended the throne. I rebuilt the palace with my money but there is no fence. I told the people that the palace has to be secured before I can move in.

“We are all aware of the level of insecurity in the land. If I move into an unsecured palace, I would be an easy prey to kidnappers. We should ensure that security measures are put in place before I move into the town. My people are not against me because they know that I am already making a solid arrangement by building a royal estate.

“I am committed to the development of the town; in four years, apart from building the palace, I used my money to do solar light across the town; I also used my personal money to build a hostel for teachers and health officers to live free of charge and I facilitated the reconstruction of new structures in the community school.

“I advice those making unfounded allegation to have a rethink before nemesis catch up with them.”

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