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*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
Some kidnap victims have managed to escape from the captive den.
SWIndependent.com.ng gathered that no fewer than thirteen (13) kidnap victims have managed to escape from their abductors den.
The 13 escapees were said to be among the 136 people that was kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Teguna town and Salihu Tanko Islamic School two weeks ago.
The two affected community Tegina Town is located in Rafi Local Government Area of Nigeria State.
Findings by the newsmen in the State revealed that adults among the captives were separated and kept at different locations by the armed bandits after their abduction.
The escapees while speaking with newsmen after they had successfully escaped to safety that they had been in one of the forests where the armed bandits have their stronghold in Zamfara state, but one of them managed to open the door of the house where they were kept inside the forest when the bandits stationed to guard them went into deep asleep as a result of drunkenness.
The escapees all agreed to moved in different directions for immediate help and to avoid attracting undue attention from the armed bandits.
Their movements in different direction paid off as one of the escapees who first arrived Tegina town Saturday morning broke the news and that prompted Niger state government to immediately send help to rescue the remaining victims.
It was further gathered that three others, including a serving Councillor, a driver and one other person who escaped from the Zamfara forest also arrived Tegina and Minna this morning (Sunday) and are responding to Medical attention at the two locations.

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