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By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.
The need for financial experts to lead healthier lifestyles, that will prevent risks of having noncommunicable diseases, was brought to the fore by health practitioners today during a two-day summit held in Ibadan.
The summit organised by Icon of Fragrance in partnership with other organisations, aimed at mapping a financial recovery architecture for participants while they also focused on their diet and wellness as professionals.
Speaking at the event, the convener, Mrs. Lolade Odeyale noted that Government at every level need to pay attention to the wellbeing of those in the financial sector, being the pillar of the Nation’s economy.
She noted that finance professionals risk having non-communicable diseases, due to their eating habits and unhealthy living they are subjected to by their employers.
Odeyale opined that frequent consumption of junk foods, due to the unavailability of time in the finance sector puts many at the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease, which is at the forefront of non-communicable diseases.
“Noncommunicable diseases share predisposing risk factors to a lifestyle, filled with poor nutrition. One major risk financial professionals face”, she said.
She therefore called on Government to establish forward-looking policies that will ease work-schedule among financial experts across the nation.
Odeyale also called for effective means of communication aimed at financial professionals and meaningful partnerships that will improve the health awareness and lifestyle of those in the financial sector.
The convener also called on Government to scale up interventions that would improve their wellness, while all tiers of government create conducive working environment for those in the sector.
A dietician, Mr. Temitope Fasan encouraged those in the sector to pay extra attention to their health despite their hectic schedules at work, and to consider what protective steps they can take now to avoid health hazards later on.
He advised that non-adherence to healthy lifestyle is likely to cause ailments later, urging people to take some time out of their busy schedules to check their health status.
Other speakers at the event include Dr. Bosade Ogunlana, Mr. Kunle Aderemi, among others.

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