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***Says No Quran Verses Supported Unjust Killing, Blasphemy

*By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.


Sheik Akewugbagold has frowned over  unjust killing of Deborah Samuel.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that a popular Islamic Scholar, Shelkh Taofeek Akewugbagold has said that Islamic religion frowned against unjust killing and blasphemy and no verses of the holy Quran supported such acts.

Akewugbagold stated this while speaking on the killing of Deborah Samuel, a Student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, who was killed over allegation of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W).

Akewugbagold said that Islam was against any form of blasphemy against God and His Prophets while both the holy Quran and Bible frowned at it.

The Islamic scholar said though blasphemy was a very grievous offence in Islam and that there are rules to be followed before punishment could be melted out to anyone who committed such an offence.

He said that anyone accused of blasphemy must be taken before a Shariah Court and such person be allowed to defend his/herself and thorough investigation conducted before a judge could pass judgment and not by mass stoning as was done in this case.

He said that there were no verses of the holy Quran where Allah says anyone that commit blasphemy should be stoned but there are Hadiths and stories from scholars that supported stoning for anyone who committed blasphemy.

Akewugbagold said that there are a lot of verses of the Quran where Allah always directed prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) to be patient and ignore any negative things people said about him.

“No single verse of the holy Quran where Almight Allah has command stoning for anyone that commit blasphemy,” he said.

Akewugbagold further said that the reward for whoever killed fellow human being unjustly was hell fire.

“Those who have the mindset of killing fellow human being here and there should know that they will end up in hell fire regardless of their solat (prayer) or worship.

“Deborah Samuel was killed unjustly and those who killed her should know that Allah will question them specifically on the day of judgment.

“You cannot just kill a single soul in an Islamic world, Islam respect dignity of human being and respect the essence of being alive,” Akewugbagold said.

He called on Muslims to shun carring out jungle justice on the basis of defending Islam,saying doing so would have negative multiplier effects on the image of Islam and Muslims.

Akewugbagold said that the trend of carrying out jungle Justice should not be allow to continue in order for people not to start looking at Islam as if it was a religion of war rather than a peaceful religion.

He further called on parents to teach their children on how to control their tongue, caution themselves while in public and respect the culture of any society they found themselves.

The Islamic scholar appealed to Muslims to continue to live peacefully with other religions adherents as was done by Prophet Muhammed during his life times,saying the prophet never attack anyone unjustly.

“Nobody was killed for blasphemy throughout the life of the Prophet Muhammed despite the fact that they were scenes which people supposed to be killed for it but they never kill them.

“If we want this country to be great we must tolerate one another irrespective of religion.

“I appeal to the Federal Government to take action on this type of killing so that it would not happen again,” Akewugbagold said.

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