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Alao has berated Governor  Makinde over accusing APC members of corruption

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State, Engineer Oyedele Hakeem Alao, has berated Governor Seyi Makinde, for vowing that there would be no hiding place for members of the party who looted the state’s funds.

Alao in a statement issued in Ibadan by his Media Office, said the statement coming from the governor is nothing but playing to the gallery, stating that his administration is the worst in the history of the state with high scale looting and plundering the state into huge debts.

Governor Makinde, while featuring on a radio program in Ibadan, had said his administration is after APC members in the state, vowing to retrieve every kobo of the state resources they stole.

But Alao in the statement, said the governor is living in a glass house and throwing stones, disclosing that since the governor came on board in 2019 the second name of his administration is corruption with many sleazes that have not been heard before in the state happening under his watch.

According to him, it was under his administration that the state Accountant-General was arrested by the anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for corruption for the first time, stating that the revelation by Dataphyte on the award of contract for school notebooks at N998m with each copy of 60 leaves costing N2,100 was the highest peak of corruption in his government.

The Asiwaju of Iroko, added that Governor Makinde takes delight in fooling the people by playing holier than though attitude, asking why is it taking him close to three years to be running after the so-called looters of the state resources.

He stated further that the governor owes the people of the state to name the APC members that he claimed were informed of the looting of the state resources, insisting that Governor Makinde is known more for speaking with both sides of the mouth with most of the promises he made to the people of the state unfulfilled.

He said, “It is now glaring to every right-thinking person in the state that Governor Makinde is running a government of deceit by raising an alarm of looting to de-market the APC while his own administration is the worst in the history of the state with massive looting of the state resources under the guise of phantom projects.

“If indeed the governor is sincere in this his latest claim, there are many questions which the people of the state would want him to provide answers to, why is it taking him this long to tag the APC as party of looters?, how come is it now that he has declared interest to contest for a second term that he is accusing the opposition party of corruption? and why is it becoming difficult for his administration to reveal the debt profile of the state under his watch?”

Alao maintained that Governor Makinde should pack his prison clothes ready immediately after the expiration of his tenure in 2023 because of the atrocities he has committed and is still committing, stating that he would definitely be first governor in the state to be jailed ‘korokoro’ for corruption.

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