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Olopoeyan has challenged Makinde to produce election results of 2007, 2015.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that Alhaji Abdulrasheed Adeyemi Adebisi popularly known as Olopoeyan has reacted to a statement credited to Governor Seyi Makinde that he has no god-father in politics.

9Janewshub.com.ng recalled that Makinde on a radio program on Sunday anchored by Edmond Obilo declared publicly that he was loved by all and sundry in the state and it’s was their votes that gave him the mandate of four years as executive governor of the pace Setter state.

Reacting to governor Makinde’s claim, a former chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Oyo State, who recently dumped the party for New Nigeria Peoples Party, (NNPP) Alhaji Adebisi Olopoeyan in his house on Sunday challenged the governor to present the result of election of 2007 where he contested under the ANPP as a Senator and the result of election of 2015 where he contested as governor under SDP.

Olopoeyan stressed that Makinde not only lost the election but lost in his polling unit in ward 11 Ibadan North East on these two occasions. He notes that in 2007 Makinde lost to Senator Kamorudeen Adedibu, while he also lost in 2015 to the then Governor of the state, Late Sena Isaiq Abiola Ajimobi, stressed that he was denied ticket at 2011 under PDP before he on his behalf persuaded all stakeholders in  party to consider him as governorship candidate of the party in 2019.

Olopoeyan said, Makinde lost because he has no god-fathers who can offer him strategies of winning election then, he maintained that he was the one that introduced him to all the party stalwarts that assisted him at 2019 election.

He said, “I took him in my car to Akala’s house more than six different occasions, I took him to Elder Wole Oyelese’s house, I introduced him to Senator Hosea Ayoola, to Hon. Mulikat Adeola, to Hon. Farinto, to Baba Saka Balogun, Toareed Adedoja, Hazeem Gbolarunmi and many others, I made him to realize that we cannot win the election without having these chieftains on our side, you cannot win Ajimobi APC who as at then has the power of incumbent government, all these people are alive today except Governor Akala, but all his family, his wives used to see me and him in their  house then, including his loyalists people like Chief Ohu,  Olatunji Akogun those people are still alive today of I’m lying they are there.

“Our consultation with party stakeholders and Akala gave birth to the coalition that gave him the mandate he enjoys today, it was during our consultation with Akala that I felt it will be a great help I’d we can have the likes of the form governor our Baba Ladoja in our camp, and we have no option than to go and meet him when we heard that Akala has officially declared to contest for Governor under the ADP platform.”

“So if Governor Makinde now says he has no god-fathers,  I Adebisi Olopoeyan remains his godfather, Hon. Mulikat Adeola remains his godmother, while Senator Olufemi Lanlehin and Sarafadeen Alli remains his godfather, Baba Ladoja remain “double godfather or godfather square”, for he can’t contest that election alone and win, it very clear that it is our strategies that we adopted that won that election, if he now contest and win without our supports he can then say he has no god-fathers but currently till May 29 2023 we all remains his godfathers and godmother, when I was carrying him here and there in my car to those people why can’t he said that he doesn’t need godfather then, or during our campaign why can’t he say it in public that he don’t have godfather then and see if he would win the election then.” Olopoeyan said.

When asked if he has any regrets for leaving the Peoples Democratic Party, Olopoeyan said, “My regret so far is that I was the one that introduced Makinde to 80% our party leaders in the state before the 2019 election but his attitude changed when he assumed office and he betrayed all those people those we had coalition deal with, but now that have left the party I’m now a free man, at least I have rest of mind, because that party has been hijacked by thugs, killers, and hoodlums, those are the people that Governor believe can win election for him.

“The day I officially declared for NNPP some thugs were sent to come and attack me here in my house and one of them was arrested with PMS identity card and those are the Auxiliary boys and Auxiliary is a Governor Makinde’s godson, I still don’t know how he it’s going to use those boys to win election come 2023, how many polling boots are they going to snatch ballot boxes for him?

“In 2019 election what we did was we make sure that all our polling agents worked with the parties agents that are in coalition deal with us, these parties arey SDP, Zenith Labour Party, ADC, AD with our own party agent making five parties against APC and in each polling unit we have at least two polling agents for each party, so it is 10 against 2, those are the party loyalists of each political parties present at the polling unit and they all worked against APC, they monitored the election process from the polling units to the coalition center after all the voters have voted and gone those are the people that ensure that our votes were not rigged, they ensure that our votes were not stolen for APC.”

“These agents were the ones that assisted the aged electorates on where to cast their votes, those other parties worked for us based on the coalition agreement deal we have sealed with them before the election and up till now Governor Makinde refused to fulfill the agreement deal and he think things will work out as the same come 2023 election, all those party don’t have anyone to represent them at the state house of assembly just because they worked for our Party.”

“If Hon. Mulikat Adeola got the kind of coalition that we have during governorship election, she will be at the Senate by now, because Makinde boys did not worked for her, the likes of Hosea and others refused to worked for her on the order of the governor because he doesn’t want her to win thinking that she will automatically become his godmother, but this is a woman that have won on two occasions as house of representatives members before Makinde came on board, when Makinde polled 50,000 votes in the whole Oyo State as a guber candidate of SDP, this woman Hon. Mulikat Adeola polled 89, 365 votes but was beaten by Senator Fatai Buhari who polled 107,703 votes so you can imagine if the woman was given same support Makinde have with the coalition parties.”

“So I’m challenging him to come out with with the election results he contested as a Senator in 2007 and 2015, he was denied ticket of the party at the 2011 and when he contested in 2015 as guber candidate of SDP he polled 50,000 votes across the state, and when he agreed with us to be his godfather at the 2019 election in Ibadan North which is the local government of Senator Rashidi Ladoja and Sarafadeen Alli he got 41,000 and he said he has no god-fathers, he is an ingrate, a liar, that has no idea of politics.” Olopoeyan stressed.

When asked why he dumped the party, he said, Truly have once said I won’t leave the Peoples Democratic Party for any reason but when ones life is at stake, one has to devise a means of preserving the life.

“PDP in Oyo state as of today is a party for thugs, criminals and killers because the thugs are the one controlling the governor. One Seye is the one controlling the governor and we don’t know if Seye is the governor or Seyi makinde. All the crisis brewing right now is courtesy of Seye. Before the election in 2019 he was of the opinion that there should be no coalition but I insisted that it’s the only way we can get the seat at that point in time which we eventually got, and truly if not for that coalition our PDP will have lost because without any coalition APC Adelabu polled 357,000 votes so we won with over 100,000 votes despite the coalition so if we did not have that deal Adelabu will eventually won.”

“He thinks he can win the next election with the help of thugs like Auxiliary and co but he has forgotten that thugs cannot do anything on that day. His thugs cannot hijack all ballot boxes in the whole of Oyo state because I am certain that security operatives will deal with anyone caught snatching ballot boxes.”

“Makinde should come out and tell us what his administration has done since he became the governor, he keeps saying he pays salary promptly, wont workers collect their salaries at the end of the month after working? He is only paying them their entitlement because they worked for it. After he became the governor, he thinks he already knows everything.” Olopoeyan said.

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