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*By Khodijah Awojoodu, Ibadan.

Real estate experts discussed on how to move Nigeria forward.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the real estate expert, Dr. Micheal Oladiji the Chief Executive Officer of the Ruston Realtors opined that the country economy needs to grow to enable all sector to thrive.

The building expert in his address at the recently concluded International Real Estate Conference and Exhibition held at the International Conference Center University of Ibadan, Ibadan maintained that the real estate experts are fully aware that if the economy of the country is doing well, the real estate business will also do well, he noted that this will result to provision of more jobs for unemployed youths in the country.

***Discussants at the conference…

***Dr. Micheal Oladiji CEO of Ruston Realtors…..

The conference had discussants who are expert in thier various professions within the country and abroad such as Dr. Andrew Nevin, Chief Emmanuel Okas Wike, Dr. MKO Balogun, Regis Uzoma, Folakemi Oloye, Ibrahim Salau, Chinedu Nwulia, Peace Anomneze, Sean Godoy and Odunayo Ojo.

Micheal while speaking on the theme of the conference which centered “Promoting Economies of Nations Through Real Estate Investment And Development”, said that the conference is meant to discuss ways on how to grow the economy of the country.

He said, “We are here to discuss on ways to find a lasting solutions to housing in our country, and with the caliber of stakeholders and experts that are in attendance, I will say I’m very satisfied that all we’ve been discussing and we are still going to discuss here will be a great benefits to our country in terms of provison of housing structure to all Nigerians.

This conference will also be help for us as we have in our midst the representative of the Director General of SON who are also going to be talking to us on how to maintain on the usage of a standard products that will put an end to building collapses in the country. We are all aware that if the economy of our country is doing very well the real estate sector will be doing well too, so we need to brainstorm on how to move our country forward economically.”

“I also believed that at the end of this conference we will be able to grow our economy through our discussion here, because we have expert from both Nigeria and abroad, some that cannot even make it here are contributing via zoom, so at the end of the day we hope to generate some key points and ideas that we will be able to push forward to decision makers and government agencies for proper implementation which we believe it will help to grow the economy of the country.”

“If the economy of the country is fine then it’s an advantage for everybody in the country and this will also provide an employment for our teeming youths, for instance if the real estate sector is doing well, our people will be building houses definitely people will get more jobs, and there will be more contracts for the contractors and that will help to grow the economy of our country.” Michael said.

In his Contributions, the Director General of the Standard Organization of Nigeria, (SPN) Mallam Farouk Salim who was ably represented by Mrs. Yeside Akinlabi the Director South West Region of  Organization said the SON is usually into elaboration of standard.

She said, “We want to enjoy the real estate sector that in as mush as they are here to develop the economy of the country we want to ensure that they use quality products in whatever they use in building project be it cement or other materials, because everything contributes to the collapse building, right from sub standard products, to unskilled work force, poor concrete mix, deficiency in the design, errors in the calculation, among others, so we want to ensure that these are eradicated from the sector as much as possible, so when it come to products we want to beg them to always use the products that are certified by SON.”

“They should please ensure they Patronise products that are of high quality. The product that has the NIS stamp, products that can stand the test of time, products that can ensure that a life will not be lost when uses them, because it is not a good thing to put up a project and all of a sudden the building collapses and resulted in lost of life, that is not a good thing and that is why I’m here today to enlighten them.” Yeside said.

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