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*By Khodijah Awojoodu, Ibadan.

Makinde’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Mojeed Mogbonjubola and other aspirants have rejected a consensus Candidate in Oluyole LG.

9Janewshub.com.ng reports that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirants that are jostling for the post of both the Oluyole state house of assembly and Oluyole Federal House of Representatives have rejected consensus candidates allegedly imposed on them by the leadership of the party.

The aspirants at a press conference held in a popular hotel in Odo-Ona area of Oluyole local government area Ibadan on Monday expressed their disappointment over the development.

The state aspirants comprising, Hon. Dikko Salami, Hon. Moruf Adepoju, Hon. Femi Bamigbola, Hon. Olawale Olatunbosun, Hon. Taofeek Ogunrinde, Hon. Kola Oladikun, Hon. Kolawole Tosin, Hon. Kemi Obanibaseri, Hon. Francis Adewale Adetunji and Alhaji Taofik, while the Federal Representative aspirants are Hon. Olawale Mogbonjubola ‘Jagaban’, Hon. Bolu Adebayo, Hon. Tokunbo Ogunbola, Hon. John Ogunsola, Hon. Bolu Olapade all called for proper primaries instead of consensus candidate.

Speaking on behalf of the state assembly aspirants, Hon. Femi Bamigbola who is eying Oluyole State Constituency seat at the state assembly said there is no state consensus candidate for Oluyole at the state level.

He said, the leaders called us for a meeting over the weekend and asked us to do introduction of ourselves, and which we did, including myself and other State and Federal Representative aspirants, shortly after the introduction, they asked us to one question each and at the end they asked us to go home and that they will call us later but it’s unfortunately when I woke up this morning that I heard that they have picked one candidate for us.”

“We did not discuss this at the meeting,our stand now is that we have not done anything, and we don’t recognize a consensus candidate here in Oluyole both state and federal level, we are all going for primaries, we want to go for primaries. Personally I don’t want to go for consensus.”

Honorable Bolu Adebayo an aspirants of Oluyole Federal constituency, while speaking on behalf of the other federal aspirants also decried the process that produced the consensus candidate.

He said, “We believe so much in the leadership of our party and because of that there was a meeting that we had which the Governor of the state held with the leadership of the party in Oluyole across all the wards in our local government, and we were called upon over the weekend to see the possibility of how we can arrive at a consensus candidate which I think is very good for our democracy. But the problem is that both the aspirants for the state and federal constituency in Oluyole local government there was no consensus candidate as far as we know.

“We did not agreed among ourselves to pick one person as a consensus candidate as at the end of the meeting, even such issue was not raised , we did not discussed anything of such at the meeting we held over the weekend,  so news filtering on the social media that a consensus candidate has been picked which is against what happened last night and that’s why we are here for this press briefing as an aspirants, all aspirants are represented here, some might not be here because they have different schedules ahead of them and this is a very urgent issue that need to address, so what we stand on is there is no consensus candidate in Oluyole both for the Federal House of Representatives or the state house of assembly.”

“Having said, that if there is any news filtering on social media we the aspirants still believe in the leadership of the party, so we don’t have anything against our leadership because we believe in the principle of our great party, be that as it may, our resolution is that we should go for primaries as a reflection of true democracy, the power belong to the people and the people should be given a chance to choose whoever want to represent them at the various levels.’

“We believed in the leadership and we are not against them but we believed they should allow people to choose who will represent them at state, federal even at local level, so we are here for people not to be misinformed about the situation of things as far as Oluyole local government is concerned that there is no consensus candidate that has been agreed upon by the aspirants.”

“We’ve not been informed officially apart from telling us yesterday night that we should go home and since that  yester-night till this present time now which says 12:38pm,  as I speak no aspirant has been informed about what is going on, so there is no candidate that has been picked for either state and  federal constituency, so far there was no consensus agreed upon by the candidate so far, all the aspirants have agreed to go for primaries.” Bolu said.

Also in his contributions, one of the state of assembly aspirant,  Hon. Dikko said, “The leadership of Oluyole are more than seven, and only seven of them can’t just take decisions on behalf of the rest, and only seven of the leaders affirmed the person we are talking about and as far as we are concerned, this is not what we all agreed upon, at least we all should be carried along and we must be involved in the process and up till now we are still not briefed about what actually happened last night, except what we are seeing on social media, at least they should leave us to go for primaries, they should allow the people to choose who will represent them.

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